Florida Initiative Continues

We are optimistic that marijuana Legislation continues to be introduced, but many Legislators have been clear that it will not happen in Florida for at least another 6 years. If we are going to get medical marijuana re-legalized within that time, we must continue with the ballot initiative.

However, there has been a change in the law this year. Signatures collected after May 20, 2011 are only valid for two years. Any signatures collected prior to that date, are valid for four years. Either way, we know it is going to take an army of supporters to reach the goal.

Why do we continue to ask that you write your Legislators? First, it would be a mistake to not pursue every avenue. Second, we do not have the resources to contact them without your help. They must be educated on the subject of medical cannabis. Mail them letters, scientific studies, and video clips. Even if they tell you no, keep trying. We can provide you with studies and form letters.

There is no question that medical marijuana will be legal again one day. But, it will not happen unless we are demanding. Let’s make our voices heard.

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