Miami Jazz Fest SigDrive Canceled

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Our friends at Jazz & Blues Florida have notified us that the Miami Jazz Festival, scheduled for Saturday 17 Nov and Sunday 18 Nov has been canceled by Live Nation/Ticket Master.  So, this means that we will not be holding the signature drives this weekend for this event here in South Florida (Miami-Dade).  More information at Jazz & Blues Florida’s blog.

We will still be having the Ky-Mani Marley signature drive at Bayfront Park, tomorrow, Friday 16 Nov starting at 4:20 PM.  Please be sure to re-post this on your Facebook wall, Twitter account, Google+1, etc.   It’s time for everyone to get out, collect signatures, and get this on the ballot.  There are many patients throughout Florida that can (and will) benefit from the use of Medicinal Cannabis.  You don’t have to smoke Cannabis to medicate with it.  Whether you call it Cannabis, Marijuana, or even spell it Marihuana, it’s still speaking of a safe, natural, healthy means to medicate ailments.

The other means of  delivery are in the form of edibles, Cannabis cooked into food.  It can be cooked into everything (more on that in a later post).  As well it may be vaporized, which is a form of smoking, but heats up the Cannabis at a lower temperature, yet still allowing for the medicinal benefits.  And you may juice Cannabis, yes I that’s not a typo…  Juicing Cannabis gives the full benefits of this natural plant.  All of this will be discussed in future blog posts, here on your site.  Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing/meeting/greeting everyone in South FL (or that will be in South Florida) at the Ky-Mani Marley Concert.  It’s time to stop the prohibition on Medical Cannabis!!!  And give patients the better choice.

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