Take Action

Here are a few ideas for you to “Take Action”:

  • Lobby your legislators – call, write, email, and make a personal visit. One letter equals 500 voices. One visit equals 5,000 voices. Tell them to support medical marijuana legislation. Make sure to include scientific studies proving marijuana is medicine.
  • Get more people involved by placing ads and just telling them how much fun we are having.
  • Place ads on line and in print – free ads such as craigslist.com and kijiji.com are great ways to get the word out. We need people in every city to post these ads under several different categories such as news and views, activities, politics, classes, volunteers, groups, and general.
  • Get PUFMM at the top of the Google search engine. Do this by linking all of your emails and webpages to www.pufmm.org. This will help anyone looking for this movement find us.
  • Get yourself and your friends collecting signatures.
  • Take petitions with you everywhere you go and simply ask people to sign. You will be amazed by how many people say yes. Don’t waste your time arguing with people that say no, just move on to the next yes.
  • Go to Facebook.com and “Like” our Fan Page. You can also join one of the many Facebook Chapters around the state. Search People United for Medical Marijuana and PUFMM to find a Chapter close to you.
  • Get involved with a Chapter or support group in your area.
  • Help a team organize and host a fund raiser.
  • Offer to host a booth at a public event.
  • Find internet forums & support groups, inform them of the initiative.
  • “Like” our Facebook Chapter fan pages and “Share” & “Comment” on the content posted.
  • Ask businesses for donations and literature placement.
  • Walk your neighborhood to find supporters and convince them to act.
  • Pass out literature at parties, gatherings, college campuses, grocery stores, and malls.
  • Do as much as you can. Every minute helps!

Become A Member:

Contribute $25 or more and get a T-shirt, membership card and lapel pin.

$99 covers the cost of printing 2,000 Petitions, Mailing 200 Letters or 5,000 Business Cards.

The PUFMM Elite 700 commit to collect 1,000 signatures and $400 in donations by February 1, 2014. Sign up for this Elite Membership by contacting your local Chapter on Facebook.

Any single donation of $100 or more must be accompanied by your occupation, as required by the Florida Division of Elections. For donations of $99 or less you may simply enter n/a on the donation form.

To contribute by credit card please click the link below:


To contribute by cashier’s or personal check please see below:

Mailing cashier’s check or personal check up to $50 (No money orders or Cash, Please) to:

People United for Medical Marijuana
P.O. Box 560296
Orlando, FL 32856

Additional Material and Documents
The forms and documents on this pages are in PDF format and use Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader at Adobe’s web site.

Voter RegistrationGuide to Collecting Valid PetitionsHow to use your First Amendment RightsMeeting Agenda

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