The Plan

There are over 1.7 million seriously ill people in Florida. They have the right to safe, affordable, and effective medication. The goal of this committee is to get medical marijuana legal in the state of Florida. We are working to get our legislators to change the laws. One way to do this is the ballot initiative process.

We are collecting signatures on a petition that supports a constitutional amendment giving patients the right to grow, obtain, purchase and possess medical marijuana under a doctor’s supervision. We need valid signatures from 676,811 registered voters and millions of dollars in donations.

We are also encouraging an effective lobbying campaign to prompt the legislators to pass a bill giving Floridians these rights. The signatures on our petition proves to the legislators that we have voter support.

We are purely a grassroots effort, we run only on your donations, do not have a paid staff and everyone is a volunteer. We utilize the internet for networking an extensive group of supporters. We are on Facebook, Myspace, Meetup, and Twitter. We are developing a network of patients, businesses, doctors, and lawyers who will support us.

Volunteers and event booths will be placed at public events to educate, collect signatures, and accept donations. Promotional techniques will include multi-media advertising, printed literature, public event placement, direct marketing and personal networking.

The initiative is designed to:

  • Provide relief for terminally and seriously ill patients.
  • Give patients a safe venue to obtain their medicine.
  • Allow patients to grow a limited supply.
  • Create a registry to help law enforcement distinguish law abiding citizens.
  • Decrease state health care costs with an inexpensive medication that provides lasting results.
  • Lower the crime rate, saving the state millions in prison costs.
  • Create thousands of new jobs and boost our economy.
  • Provide a new tax revenue for the state.

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