Treating Brain Cancer with Cannabis Oil

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Have you heard of Cannabis Oil?  Have you heard about Cannabis Oil to treat brain cancer?  Did you even know this natural treatment exists?  Here is just one example of the benefits of Cannabis Oil:

A woman, diagnosed with state 4 metastatic breast caner, the cancer has spread all over her body, and into her head (brain to be specific). The doctors gave her just six months to live, and that was two months ago.  After two months treatment with Cannabis Oil, she is doing awesome!!!  They have done a scan on her head and the cancer has not spread!!!  She feels wonderful, not an ounce of pain.  She is eating like a horse (figuratively speaking) and is gaining weight.

People United for Medical Marijuana – Florida and I Do bringing it to you again through our partnership with SHOUT IT LOUD and PAP-Site Radio.  There are others too…  Everyone should tune in, listen up, and get educated on the facts of Cannabis Oil and the benefits of utilizing the organic compounds within the Cannabis plant.  You know you want and need to…

Who: Patients with first hand knowledge
What: Benefits of Cannabis Oil
When: Saturday 29 December
Where: On PAP-Site Radio
What time: 12:00 PM

There will be plenty to talk about within this Round Table Discussion as we welcome Dr. Janet Sweeney, Amy Jo Clark, Matt and Carrie Elser, Joel Neorr, Gersh Avery and Med Head’s very own Steve Greene.  There has been a very special seat reserved at the head of the table for Mr. Rick Simpson.  Open phone lines and chat lines are available throughout the entire presentation.  If you won’t be close to a computer during the show and still wanted to listen or call in live, you may do so by dialing: 626-414-3424.  Every show is recorded, so you may listen to it later and share it with everyone you know, at anytime…

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